yachts, river boats and passenger ships
De Voogt/Feadship
Yard de Fries: Yardno
663 57,00m Motoryacht Lines mast
664 64,82m Motoryacht Lines superstructure
665 38,55m Motoryacht Lines hull + superstructure
667 70,60m Motoryacht Lines superstructure
668 49,99m Motoryacht Lines superstructure
669 55,50m Motoryacht Lines superstructure
670 62,00m Motoryacht Lines superstructure
671 65,20m Motoryacht Lines superstructure
672 50,60m Motoryacht Lines superstructure
673 67,00m Motoryacht Lines hull + superstructure
674 72,80m Motoryacht Lines hull
675 39,90m Motoryacht Lines hull
676 39,90m Motoryacht Lines hull + superstructure
677 52,50m Motoryacht Lines hull
679 54,50m Motoryacht Lines hull
680 65,00m Motoryacht Lines hull + superstructure
681 62,30m Motoryacht Lines hull + superstructure
685 65,00m Motoryacht 3D basic construction
686 84,50m Motoryacht 3D basic construction
687 Motoryacht 3D basic construction
Yard van Lent: Yardno
790 86,00m Motoryacht Lines hull + superstructure
791 42,56m Motoryacht Lines superstructure
792 66,15m Motoryacht Lines hull
793 60,35m Motoryacht Lines superstructure
798 66,75m Motoryacht Lines hull
800 65,22m Motoryacht Lines hull
801 68,00m Motoryacht Lines hull
802 77,70m Motoryacht Lines hull
808 100,00m Motoryacht
Yard de Vries Makkum: Yardno
1001 86,00m Motoryacht Lines hull + superstructure
1002 87,80m Motoryacht Lines hull
1004 87,80m Motoryacht
1005 92,50m Motoryacht 3D basic construction
Amels Holland: Yardno
445 49,30m Motoryacht Lines hull
446 68,50m Motoryacht Lines superstructure
449 64,50m Motoryacht Lines hull + superstructure
451 52,20m Motoryacht Lines hull + superstructure
171 limited edition Lines hull + superstructure
177 limited edition Lines hull + superstructure
212 limited edition Lines hull + superstructure
199 limited edition Lines hull + superstructure
242 limited edition Lines hull + superstructure
272  limited edition Lines hull + superstructure
Scheepswerf Grave various projects Lines hull + superstructure
Stability calculations
Support Siemens NX
Jan Verkerk / Holland 60m Motoryacht Lines hull + superstructure
 Bayards bv 86,00m Motoryacht  Lines hull + superstructure
 Schiffswerft Bodewes various inland
Waterway vessels Lines hull
Container stability booklets
Technisch Adviesbureau Straten bv 20,20m Pilot Boat Lines hull + superstructure
24,25m tug boat Lines hull + superstructure
30,00m pushboat Lines hull
various passenger vessels
25,00m – 135,00m Lines hull
various inland waterway vessels
63,00m – 135,00m Lines hull
various push barges
50,00m – 86,00m Lines hull
Water treatment vessel Lines hull + superstructure
 Schiffswerft Schlömer various inland
Waterway vessels Lines hull
Container stability booklets
 Yachting Consult 110m Containership Lines hull
 Scheepswerf Grave  56,50m cat Lines hull
110m passenger vessels Lines hull
126m passenger vessels Lines hull
Patrol boat Lines hull
Oil recovery vessel Lines hull + superstructure
Hospitalship Lines hull + superstructure
various projects Lines hull
Neue Germersheimer Schiffswerft 110m Containership Lines hull
Damen Shipyards 110m tankship Lines hull
135m tankship Lines hull
Navaltec 140m cabellayer Lines hull
Oil platform Lines hull
Dredging vessel Lines hull
Jaegers GmbH TMS Eiltank 233 Lines hull
Workshop drawings
GEFO Duisburg TMS Saphir Workshop drawings
Imperial Schiffahrt GmbH Imperial 189 Container stability booklet
Imperial 191 Container stability booklet
Imperial 195 Container stability booklet
Imperial 196 Container stability booklet
Schiffswerft Harbisch various projects Workshop drawings
De Voogt Yacht Services various projects Reverse engineering of hull refits
Lines hull + superstructure
Advies- en Ingenieursbureau Vranken BV various projects Lines hull
Teamco Shipyard 110m passenger ship Lines hull + superstructure
Azure Naval Architects 85m Motoryacht Lines superstructure
Icon Yachts B.V. 62m Motoryacht Lines superstructure
Mercy Ships Hospital vessel Lines hull + superstructure
Software Support, Implementation, Training
Siemens PLM Software, The Netherlands
Siemens PLM Software, Germany
Siemens PLM Software, France
Siemens PLM Software, Italy
Siemens PLM Software, Spain
Siemens PLM Software, Austria
Siemens PLM Software, China
Digitread AS, Norway
De Voogt/Feadship, The Netherlands
Shipyard Amels, The Netherlands
Shipyard Damen Shipyards, The Netherlands
Shipyard Royal IHC, The Netherlands
Shipyard Slob, The Netherlands
Shipyard Lürssen, Germany
Shipyard Lux, Germany
Blohm + Voss, Germany
Thyssen Krupp Marine Systems, Germany
Yachtley Turkey
3Dship, The Netherlands
Marin Teknikk, Norway
Ulstein, Norway
Skipsteknisk, Norway